11 February 2012

Before and Afters In CS5

Working on my Adobe Photoshop Cs5 skills in Digital Photography class. Here's a shot I was messing with various selection tools and curves to improve.

After: (*changed the light bulb, the globe, the sky, and trim and shadows on the house.)

08 February 2012

Photography Class-Story of My Life.

I hate Macs. And I am not all that experience in Photoshop CS5. This is the story of my life right now...
*I hit CTRL Z over and over again and get mad that it isn't undoing. Yeah. Im a PC.

03 February 2012

Can't wait to see this face again.

 *strange angle due to the fact he was on the floor in a bean bag and I was above him on the couch*
2 more weeks and then HELLO SEATTLE/Very Cute Airman.

31 January 2012

Faith, hope, and....

...all you need is love.

ps: Explaination--the cat is named Hope. I found this situation humorous. what I do not have an explanation for is why my family owns a basket in which to store faith?